• Allen W. McLean

    Allen W. McLean

    Author of metaphysical speculative fiction, and of scifaiku sci-fi haiku poetry on WIPs and on book reviews. Alchemic wisdom - Bite-sized insight.

  • Bruna Cidade

    Bruna Cidade

  • Rachel Schmoyer

    Rachel Schmoyer

    Writer and speaker finding simple truths in complex Bible passages. Pastor's wife, loving my church life. Mom of four. Readthehardparts.com

  • Gabriel Waughan Silva

    Gabriel Waughan Silva

  • Betty Peng

    Betty Peng

  • Breno Moreira

    Breno Moreira

  • Devotable


    Devotable is a collection of writers who create daily devotion content that uplifts believers and spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

  • wes reimer

    wes reimer

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